Velicious Reading Order

Blood Beast: Prequel to Vampyre Doll.

Vampyre Doll: Book 1, ends on a cliff-hanger.

Feral Doll: Book 2, Happy for now ending.

Wicked Doll: Book 3, the conclusion to Justice and Dante’s story.

Blood Lust: Book 4 (Angel & Jordan) Happy for now ending- Continue to book 6, to conclude the story.

Blood Covet: Blood 5 (Jessica & Calvin)

Blood Kiss: Blood 6 (Angel & Jordan) Conclusion.

Lycan Reign: Book 7 (Calvin)

Vampyre Doll: Book One

Feral Doll: Book Two

Blood Covert: Book Five

Blood Lust: Book Four

Blood Beast: Prequel to Vampyre Doll

Wicked Doll: Book Three

Blood Kiss: Book Six