Book Appearances

Calvin King


Birthday: Tuesday July 10th, 1990.

Born in: Houston, Texas.

Height: 6’1

Weight: 235lbs

Build: Athletic, and lean.

Hair Colour / Style: Straight dark brown hair, cut low.

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Other Random Info

Nickname: Cals, and sometimes his friends call his by his surname name ‘King’.

Astrology(Western): Cancer

Zodiac(Eastern): Horse

Favorite Color: Purple


Both Calvin’s parents are Caucasian. He doesn’t have any siblings and any other known family members, it has always been just him and his parents moving around. Calvin’s parents had both worked for the Government Organization Cerberus, and were transferred where-ever they were needed. Calvin from a young age was exposed to Cerberus, with the expectation that he would devote his life like his parents and friends who all worked for the same organization.

Calvin like many other Cerberus children were homeschooled in ways that would put the school public system to shame. By the young age of fifteen, Calvin was at university level education and he was trained in many different fighting techniques. Again, like many other Cerberus students, Calvin was trained in heavy meditations to prevent the vampyre’s from taking over their minds.

Growing up Calvin didn’t mind the moving around, his parents kept him busy with school work and or other activities provided by Cerberus. Calvin wasn’t a difficult kid, most of the time he did what was expected of him and excelled for the most part. In grade 10, his parents decided to settle down in Toronto, Canada. Also, because of how well, Calvin King had been doing with his studies and training Cerberus had granted him a break from his full Cerberus training. Calvin’s mother wanted her son to experience high school, and make a good decision whether his heart truly wanted Cerberus.

Unlike other parents employed with Cerberus, Calvin’s parents wanted to give their son a choice. Either he follows their path, or live a normal life, but they wanted to make sure that their son was well informed with what he was getting into. At the age of fifteen, he was able to attend public school and was granted the freedom to explore a life outside of Cerberus.

In grade ten, although he was at university level education, Calvin didn’t mind. He wasn’t there for the education after all and he knew whatever grades he received in school didn’t matter. Cerberus was all that mattered, and Calvin made sure the next few years of his high school career would be fun. Calvin partied and slept with many girls, from high school to even college.

Calvin and Jordan (His Cousin), became very close. Calvin was able to gain a close group of friends, something that he never had previously. By always moving from city to city and state to state, constantly on the move, he never had time to make friends. Calvin also took a liking to Justice Labelle, but she gave him a very hard time since he made himself a horrible reputation. After much persistence, Justice finally gave in to Calvin, at first not wanting anyone to know that they were dating. In time, friends found out and their relationship grew into something more.

Just before graduation, Calvin’s mother was murdered, which pushed him to make the Oath and dedicate his life to Cerberus. He knew that if he joined Cerberus, he would have unlimited resources at his fingertips to hunt down his mother’s killer. Calvin disappeared with his father following leads, upon leads, searching Canada for his mother’s killer.

Calvin would every so often return back to Toronto, Canada and visit his girlfriend and friends, but eventually, after one too many leads, leading nowhere but dead ends; and after finding out some secrets about his mom and dad, Calvin decided that his parents had enemies. Therefore, it could have been any one of their many enemies who murdered the mom. Working within Cerberus is dangerous, and cutthroat. It’s kill or be killed.

Figuring he was only chasing his ‘tail’, Calvin lets his father know that he will not be joining him on the hunt anymore. He also decides that staying in Canada, won’t be good for him since Canada was the original place his mother wanted to settle.

Calvin also comes to the conclusion that the best way for him to leave and never look back, would be for Justice to hate him, therefore there would be nothing more for him to return back to. Calvin cheats on Justice with one of her close friends, nevertheless setting it up so Justice actually catches him in the act.

When it’s all said and done, Calvin leaves Canada with his only love hating him and never wanting to see him again. Calvin heads to the United States, where he knows the Headquarters of Cerberus is located and request to be on the field.  A few days later, Calvin is under the supervision of Kyle Gooreman, helping to keep the world safe from the vampyre’s.