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Book One, The Velicious Series

I KNEW I wasn’t crazy, despite what everyone else may have believed. I was also fully aware that I couldn’t change their minds. The definition of crazy means “mentally deranged, demented, and insane.” I believe, I am in no way close to any of those descriptions.

My family doesn’t suffer from any type of a mental illness. My older sister has a goddess complex, and my little sister is babied too much, but there is no mental illness to bring about what happened that night. That’s my story and it’s the truth, no matter how horrible it sounds to my family or anyone else.

Sighing dolefully, I fixed my attention on Dr. Fields, who sat across the room from me in his stereotypical brown leather sofa, a book in his lap and a pen in his grasp. I was tired of being in his office and I wanted to leave. I was fed up with talking about my emotions and how I felt about that horrible night from a year ago.

Ready to answer his question, I lied. “No, I don’t believe that I was in the presence of death.” Dr. Fields cast his brown eyes on me and his glare had become more frequent since I stopped insisting that I was in the presence of death.