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Prequel, The Velicious Series

I TOOK IN a cool summer breeze as it blew by, disarraying my thick hair. It was frizzy and wild, and the heat wasn’t doing any good. I could feel the sweat growing at the back of me and under my arm pits. I was uncomfortable.

Roselyn, my sister-in-law awkwardly bent down to pick up a few wild flowers and she placed them in her basket. My sister-in-law was pregnant. The baby was days away from being born and Roselyn should be resting, but she was bored and wanted to go for a walk. I couldn’t let her go alone because what if the baby decided to come, not to mention my brother wouldn’t be happy that his wife was walking around without a care in the world. He sure wouldn’t be pleased with me if he found out that I let her go alone.

I complained, “Out of all the days, Roselyn.” I used my hand to fan myself, praying for another cool breeze to grace past me, but instead only sweltering heat gnawed on my flesh. I tugged on the fabric of my dress, trying to shift it, thinking maybe it would relieve me from some discomfort, but I fooled myself.

Roselyen plucked another flower and smelled it, “You could have stayed.”

I laughed half-heartedly, like I had an option once she stepped outside and walked from off our land. “You could have at least allowed me to take you in the wagon,”

“I said I wanted to go for a walk, not be lugged around,”

I opened my mouth to argue that the baby could come any day, but decided against it. What was the point? She knew it. There was nothing I could say to warn her about her wellbeing, or her baby’s. Roselyn was well-versed with pregnancies. Roselyn has six older sisters, and she is the youngest. She helped many of her nieces and nephews come into this world.

I said as one last plea, “Adrien will not forgive me if anything happened to you.”