War Of Hearts

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Book One, Seduction Of The Gods

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Genre: Greek Gods, Paranormal Romance
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Book Summary

Selene is an erotic tale about the moon goddess, who becomes captivated with the mortal realm and would give anything to visit earth. As much as she would love to go there, Selene knows that it is forbidden to step a foot on earth. When the temptation has become far too intense, Selene seeks out the only god brave enough to defy the ancient decree but he demands something in return.

Unknown to Selene, Pan has been obsessed with her from the distance. Secretly craving the taste of her lips, the feel of her pressed up against his body and the sound of her lost in ecstasy. Pan agree’s to help the goddess and he doesn’t hold back from claiming her but Selene isn’t giving him her all. She won’t fully give herself to the god but he waited this long, he can be patient because on Earth they are secluded and can go uninterrupted.

Over many secret visits from Olympus to Earth, the mortal realm begins to have adverse effects on the goddess and Selene changes in many ways neither of them had suspected. Then one day, something else happens to Selene, she falls in love with a mortal. It was love at first sight. A human after her heart and not just her body and suddenly her whole world is turned upside down.

What Reader’s Are Saying

“Epic story of consequences of actions and love.” – Early Reviewer

“If ancient ideas, stories are interesting to you, you would enjoy this! It has a little of everything in it.” – Early Reviewer

“I protect what is mine,” he says through clenched teeth. On the front of his chest and stomach, I see the open flesh wounds closing.

“I could have…” I pause, unsure of my words. I couldn’t have dealt with the lashings, but I hold my ground in this argument. “I could have handled it.” Now I feel even more obliged to the god.

Sitting up more straight, Pan parts his lips. I suddenly feel nauseated. “Calista, are you crying for me?” His voice isn’t laced with pain; instead, he sounds darkly humorous. Which only confirms that Pan is feeling more like himself—not a good thing.

I do not know what to say to him because I’m upset for many reasons. It could be because I thought he was severely hurt and wouldn’t recover so quickly. If I had known that Pan’s nymphs had a vial on hand, maybe I wouldn’t be as upset and as guilty as I am. Nevertheless, I do feel horrible, and it won’t go away. I’m also upset because my ring is gone and I think he may have something to do with it.

After confirming that his body is, in fact, regaining back his strength; Pan extends a hand and wipes at the dampness on my cheek. Warmth spreads from the bare contact, and my nerves fray with alarm.

“Gods do not shed tears, Calista.”

“I know,” I murmur, addled and still feeling my damn lip trembling. More tears uncontrollably slip through my lashes and I turn away, embarrassed.

This is ridiculous. Why am I crying?

Why do I feel embarrassed?

I have nothing to hide, to that extent.

This is… this whole thing is foolish.

These mixed-up feelings are trying to destroy me.

Pan leans down against me and whispers against my cheek, “Tears of a goddess.” His deep, riveting whisper is tantalizing. Qualm tickles under my skin with his admiration. “Forgive me, but I’m finding your tears utterly captivating.”

“My tears?” I ask, uncertain I heard him correctly. But when his tongue darts out and licks my cheek, I know my ears weren’t deceiving me. I tense. “Do you want to bottle them up?” I ask on an accelerated beat.

My heart nearly jumps out of my chest, when I thought I heard Endymion chuckling amongst nature’s orchestra.

I turn back to face Pan, our faces inches apart. With a slow nod of his head, he says, “I don’t like to share.” I can taste his breath on my lips, and his tone dripping with an ominous warning hadn’t gone unnoticed.

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Suzirae anderson
· February 15, 2018

I fell in love with the plot the characters and the complex dynamics of emotions adventure mystery an suspense its a must read for any lover of mythology!!! Please let this turn into a series please please please begging groveling