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The below scenes have all been deleted from the final version of the Velicious Series. I will add them as I go through them on my computer.

Deleted Scene: Esor

Book: Velicious Part One

Series: Velicious Series

Place: After Chapter 5

Word Count: 1148

Characters: Justice LaBelle

Some Info: This chapter was where I had first introduced Zachariah, but I took the scene out since it wasn’t doing anything much for the story line.

On the very last weekend of winter vacation, I was closing up my mother’s dance studio and deciding that I didn’t want to go back home just yet, I walked across the street to a lounge called Esor. It was Saturday tonight and every Saturday, they had live jazz artists come in and play.

Upon entering the dim-lit lounge, I found a seat far to the back and as per usual, on stage was a performer. Tonight it was a woman in a black dress and the band behind her was playing in perfect trancing harmony.

Cindy, the waitress, came around. “Hey there, sexy. Long time no see.”

“Life’s been real busy,” I murmured.

“I know what you’re saying, and it’s not like winter has been giving us a break either.”

“I don’t acknowledge winter.”

Cindy smiled. “Gotcha. So the usual?”

I smiled back. “Usual, please.”

“One almond latte and cheese croissant on the side.” She walked off with my order, and I sat back in the booth listening to the woman singing up front.