This character interview was shared with my friends on my newsletter. To your left, you will find one of my many inspirations for Dante and Marquis Delgado. Model/Actor Aarón Díaz. Honestly, I found it so hard to find someone to match his description. I believe I’m being extremely picky since Dante and Marquis is where my author journey began.

I couldn’t pick just any random model/actor. Nevertheless, HERE is my Pinterest folder for more inspiration.

My second choice was: Chef/ Model Franco Noriega. (Let’s all face it, that man is also sexy in his own right but not Dante/Marquis. Or maybe he can be…)

Third choice: Gaspard Ulliel. (Eh, if push comes to shoves, maybe…)



This interview is written in novel format.

Characters: Dante and Marquis Delgado

Word Count: 4K


Dante Delgado closes the refrigerator while holding a McCain cake container in his hand, and he whistled a tune. With his back facing us, he seemed oblivious to his guests standing inches away from the threshold separating the hallway from the kitchen. A step or two, or maybe a shuffle of my foot would place me within his presence, in Dante’s bubble, and I hesitate.

The vampyre stood at six-foot- two and was indeed a handsome sight, that caught the attention of my heroine Justice Labelle in Vampyre Doll.

I gaze at the back of the vampyre, at his bare broad muscular shoulders as he whistled and sauntered further into the kitchen. I sucked in a sharp breath. My eyes drift down to his bottom half that was thankfully covered with gray joggers that had a stylish design, and my geyes swept back up to his upper half and I licked my bottom lip admiring the view. I could feel the fluttering in my stomach and I knew my thoughts on the threshold separating the kitchen from the hallway were silly. There was no real barrier. It was simple and shouldn’t be so complicated.

I was unsure if I could do this.

I know I had requested this interview, and Dante had agreed but still, this was nerve wrecking.

Camilla spoke up with her thick Spanish accent, “Master Dante, Shelique is here.”

Dante placed the Mc Cain cake container on the black granite countertop and I swallowed my admiration. I wondered how my heroine Justice, managed to resist Dante as long as she did.

Not acknowledging Camilla or myself, Dante extended an arm and grabbed a silver knife handle sticking out of an oak block. Dante’s back muscle’s flexed with his movement, and I chided myself for the naughty thoughts threatening to surface. The first sex scene between Dante and Justice brutally assaulted my memories. Memory lane was relentless with flashbacks of Dante picking up Justice with those long sexy arms and pinning her against the floor to ceiling window while he ate her out. My gaze regrettably lingered on his arms, I couldn’t help it. The memories beckoned my gaze, and I inhaled deeply.

Camilla turned to me and said, “The master will be with you in a moment,” And with that, she pivoted on her heel and left me standing and waiting for the vampyre to acknowledge me. I swallow to moisten my dry throat and focused my unhinged attention on Dante who was now taking off the cover to the cake container and placed it on the countertop.

Should I say something? My thoughts wondered.

Introduce myself? 

Camilla had made it seem like Dante heard her when she said something the first time. He hadn’t acknowledged her in any way, shape or form, which made me think otherwise. But then again, this is Dante we are dealing with. I should know better.

Dante cut into the Mc Cain cake with his stainless steel knife, and he spoke out. “Do you want a piece woman?”

“Um, I really shouldn’t,” I answered shyly surprised with his question.

Suck it up Shelique, this is your world.

Taking a deep breath, I straightened my spine and walked into the kitchen. “Thank you for inviting me to your home Dante. It’s beautiful,”

Finally turning to face me, his blazing cerulean eyes are the first to capture me. However, his naked upper half is quite a distraction as my gaze flutters in a struggle to keep the eye connection. I don’t want Dante to see my gawking that would be embarrassing and unprofessional. Nevertheless, I think I failed that test when I see his lips tugging up to the side, creating his heart-melting smirk and in his hand is a plate with a huge slab of chocolate cake.

Dante said to address my comment, “All compliments should be given to my brother,”

Acknowledging his response, I take the plate. “Too bad Marquis declined.”

“You made him a very busy vampyre, he had better things to be doing.”

My gaze falls to the plate in my hand, to be more specific the chocolate dessert. “I don’t know if I can eat the whole thing,” I inform.

“Of course you can. Where do you think I get my insatiable need for chocolate?”

I smile with his response. Me, Dante gets his unquenchable desire for chocolate from me. Well, me from over five
years ago. My desire for such sweets has tamed over the years.

“Touche,” I say to Dante and walk around the island countertop to sit on a bar stool. When I settle on a middle stool, I notice that Dante has his own slice of cake on a plate in front of him.

Stepping back a few paces, he gives enough space to open a drawer and pulls out two forks. Closing the drawer, he stretches across the island and hands me the utensil. I thank him while I admire the way his arm and chest muscles flex with the stretch. Mentally I chide myself to oblivion.

How in the world am I to interview Dante like this? All flustered and discombobulated.

If I didn’t know better, I would assume Dante did this on purpose. He likes to tease and taunt in the cruelest ways manageable. Dante is beyond sexy, he knows it and isn’t afraid to show it.

Gritting my teeth, I force my gaze down to look on the chocolate treat and I swallow my desire for the delicacy. I twist the fork in my grasp while I focus on the questions I had typed on my Android phone a few days prior to this appointment. When the reason behind this visit begins to get fuzzy, I place the fork down and reaching into my purse I pulled out my cell phone. Pressing the little black button on the right side, my phone lights up and I unlock it. Next, I scroll through my phone until I find the one particular app, in which I typed my questions.

Seeing the list appearing on the screen, I place my phone down on the countertop and look up to find his entrancing blue eyes staring at me from across the small distance.

I swallow back my nerves.

“Are you ready to begin, I don’t have all day.” His Hispanic accent beckons my gaze to fall to his lips, and my stomach flips upside down.

I answer after a pause. After watching the amusement painted across his handsome features, and after I had a chance to regain back whatever composure had escaped me and took my voice with it. Pulling it all back, and tucking it all where it belongs, I say after clearing my throat.

“Right, I’m sorry. Just a little nervous,”

“Nervous?” A brow raises and his eyes don’t let up. “Of me?” He questions sarcastically innocent while he points to his chest with the fork in his grasp. Next, Dante gives me a wide, wicked smile. “I’m as innocent as they come,”

I laugh, “Innocent does not fit your category.”

Dante muses, “You know me best, Ms. Lize.”

On the next second, I said while cutting into my chocolate cake. “Are you ready?”

“I’m always ready,” Dante grins with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Oh my God. I love his devilish, charming smiles.

With a deep inhale, I ask. “What were you doing before Velicious Part One? Did you work? focus all your energy on tormenting Cerberus, or taunting GAC? What did you do with your spare time before you got caught up with Justice and all that drama?”

Dante narrowed his gaze, studying me. “Is that a real question?”

“Yes. Why would it not be?” Picking up my fork, I plunged it into a small cut of my slice. I brought it up to my lips and savored the moist treat on my tongue.

Eyes still intensely holding my own, Dante answers a moment too long. “Visque,”

I ask while cutting into another piece of my slice. “You have to elaborate for the fans,” and I filled my taste buds with the chocolate cake. Clearly not agreeing with me, Dante’s gaze falls down on his plate, where he cuts himself a chunk of his slice and takes a bite. “Dante,” I narrow my gaze, chiding him for being difficult. “Your fans adore you and want to know more about you,” I say and point at him with my fork.

Dante half rolls his eyes, “Why?” He asks with his mouth full of the chocolate delight.


“That’s not an answer,”

“Dante, you promised to comply.” and I put the fork in my mouth and filled my taste buds with the chocolate cake.

He says trying to avoid the question, “They’ve read the books.” Dante doesn’t like to explain himself. No matter the action, right or wrong. God forbid he provides in-depth details.

Glaring at the stubborn vampyre, I bite out. “Yes. However, they don’t know what you were up to before Velicious Part One.”

He puts more cake in his mouth and says calmly. “But you know,”


After Dante swallows, he considers while cutting into more than half of his slice. “After my brother fell for the allurement of promises from Amaya,” Amaya is his grandmother, pronounced AH-MAY-AH. “One of the requirements of belonging to the council is either school, which would be university or work.” His blue eyes finally look back up and find my gaze. “Can you imagine me going to university, and sitting in a classroom setting with a backpack, tablet and taking notes.”

I smile, as my brain creates a humorous picture of my blue-eyed vampyre, in school. To be honest, I was picturing more of a high school setting, and the whole nine yards. To be completely honest, when I first wrote Velicious Part One, it was in a high school setting. My smile widens further. “Be grateful that I changed my mind, and I didn’t want to write a young adult book.”

Dante frowns, “We wouldn’t be sitting here, in a peaceful manner eating cake, if you had put me in yet another young adult vampyre novel.” That was a threat and I giggled. “You wouldn’t have known any difference. What if I gave you the personality of a brooding Vampyre, pinning over a barely legal human? Wanting to end your existence? Have you constantly whining and complaining,”

“We are not going to discuss the many ways you could have ruined my character,” Still frowning, Dante sighs and finishes off his slice of cake.

I said, “You’re lucky I was always more drawn to the darker side of the supernatural world.”

“Did you just come to my home to mock me with all the what ifs you could formulate?”

Finishing off my slice, I said with a smile lingering. “Maybe,” I could tease and taunt as well. Especially when I had the upper hand. “However, we need to digress. You were telling your fans about Visque,”

Seemingly lost in thought, Dante smiles to himself and shifts away from the granite countertop. He runs his fingers through his curly wild hair and continues. “With the council’s pressure that my twin and I blend into the human world, the obvious choice would be to work. Visque is adult entertainment with the twist of Vampyre’s. Think of Playboy, except Visque isn’t only catered toward one specific gender. Visque is now available to the public, and the supernatural world. However, you humans view Visque as ‘fake’ and for those who want to act out certain fantasies. Visque is real, every picture and movie.”

“I think everyone reading this interview will want to know why Visque? Why this occupation? And, just to confirm you’re a porn star?”

Dante flashes me a wicked grin, “Wouldn’t they love to know.”

“They would,”

“No, to the last question. Visque is just another one of the many businesses that my grandparents currently own. Visque, before my twin and I took it over, it was being run by another member of the council, and it was only exclusive to vampyres. Amaya felt like it was missing something since it was doing poorly and they were thinking about retiring the company. Marquis wanted to take a deeper look into the company and figure out why the sales were dropping. Amaya brought my twin and I on board to oversee production and figure out the missing link to what used to be a very successful company. Sex and blood is not a rare act within the councils. However, human’s and vampyre’s consenting are no longer frowned upon since more vampyre’s are wanting to blend into the human society. We simply showed Amaya there was an inability to compete with the movement of change. Vampyre’s were interlacing with the human race, and on a level that they couldn’t control. Furthermore, the Vampyre society was growing tired of the ‘Dracula’ style of production, with the woman falling for the male vampyre. Falling under his spell and fearing him and everything he represents.”

“Isn’t that what you represent, Dante. Humans falling under your spell and fearing everything you are beneath your handsome exterior?”

“Yes and no. I love a good fight. A good challenge, which was what was missing. The foreplay, that leads up to the final act.”

I ask simply, “You mean the fearful screams of horror, right before you penetrate their flesh and draw out their blood?”

He gives me a small smirk, “Yes and no. Interaction was the missing link. When you look at a photograph, and you see such life in a stilled image, doesn’t that perplexity daze your mind? One will stare into an image, amazed by how much is going on in an image. Not a film, but only in a photograph, and don’t get me started on the movies. Visque was missing interaction and emotions. They lacked the ability to make their viewers react. To get their heart pounding with suspense and blood pumping. Everything my brother and I did, proved to my grandparents, that we knew what were doing. Sales skyrocketed and before you knew it, Visque was back in demand. Not only in the paranormal world, but with the humans as well. ,”

“So, in other words, you and your brother stumbled into the world of production. Do you truly enjoy it? Or did I force it on my Delgado twins?”

“I wouldn’t quite use the word ‘stumbled’ when you have an author orchestrating your every more. Past and present.” Dante narrowed his eyes.

I ask cautiously, “In other words, you hate it?”

Dante was about to respond when a voice draws my attention from behind.

“On the contrary Ms. Lize,” I turn to look behind me, and lo-and-behold is Dante’s twin, Marquis. I smile with his presence, staring at the stark difference between the twins. Dante, shirtless and dark curly hair utterly wild for no reason. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Marquis dressed business casual in a light gray blazer. Beige vest underneath, buttoned partially and then a white dress shirt. The top few buttons are undone, of course. That’s his thing. Then, to top it off a nice pair of fashionable Khakis and his curly hair up in a sexy bun.

I glance back at Dante, who doesn’t seem too happy with his brother’s presence.  I focus back on Marquis, my smile widens further, knowing that these two unruly vampyre’s are my two favorite fictional men.

Marquis continues with his Hispanic accent, “I am confident enough to speak on both of our behalfs when I say, that we both enjoy Visque very much.”

Admiring the way Marquis constantly pulls himself to together, in such a GQ manner, the smile doesn’t fade from my lips. I respond, “I’m glad to hear it, and it’s nice to see you.”

“When I heard my brother agreed to entertain you, Ms. Lize, how could I resist?” Marquis walks into the kitchen and straight toward me. Now standing a few inches from my stool, he reaches down and takes my hand. Marquis gently rubs the back of my hand with the pad of his thumb, then lifting it, he kisses me. Oh God. Butterflies flutter a wild storm in my belly and inhaling deeply his cologne fills my nostrils with a sexy earth concoction of ginger and jasmine.

Calming my nerves, I said. “I was disappointed when Dante told me that you originally declined,”

Marquis releases my hand and shoots his brother a cagey look.

Dane shrugged, “Declined, busy, they are all one and the same,” was all he said. Confirming that he had lied when I originally called and asked about setting up an interview with both of the twins.

“Ms. Lize, as you know I had matters with the Council to attend to and if I had known, I would have made it my sole priority to be here,” Marquis informs clearly overwrought with the falsehood.

“It’s okay,” I try to calm his worries. “You were not that late, we have just begun. Isn’t that right Dante?” I cast my gaze on Dante, urging him to say something to his brother in regards to not informing him of this evening.

Dante doesn’t respond. He only crosses his arms and looks the other way.

Marquis reaches in front of me, grabbing my empty plate and removes it. “Would you like anything else? Water, juice, wine?”

The last option catches my attention. “Wine, please.”

Maquis turns to leave with my plate and walks around the island countertop. He says something to his brother, which prompts Dante to walk across the kitchen. I catch on that mental words were spoken and Dante opens a pantry and walks inside. Marquis is in the background putting the plates, utensils, and knife left in the Mc Cain cake container in the dishwasher. Marquis then begins to cover the cake container and puts it back in the refrigerator as Dante returns with a bottle in hand. He walks back toward me and puts a bottle of white wine in front of me.

Dante informs simply, “This should be to your liking.”

Jackson Triggs: Pinot Grigio. Yup, it is to my liking!

“Are you a closet wino?” I tease.

Marquis adds, “He takes me to these wine tasting festivals, knowing that I cannot digest the liquid.” Marquis is now opening a top cupboard and pulls out a wine glass.

“He’s of age,” Dante narrows his darken eyes on his brother, glaring. “His body should be able to withstand alcohol.” He snaps. “Marquis is simply afraid,”

Without missing a beat, Marquis responds back, “I am not afraid.”

“You are, because of what happened when we were little,” Dante is referring to a time when Marquis tried to drink milk, and born vampyre’s cannot digest human food so young.

Marquis gives me his undivided attention, “Tell him, will you.”

On a sigh, I say, “I haven’t explored that side of you yet, but it seems Dante is speaking the truth.” Which is true. When my vampyre’s reach a certain age, their bodies should be able to withstand alcohol first, and limited foods as they get older.

Marquis lets that settle and Dante taunts him. “You’re just being a coward.”

Marquis says to me, “You couldn’t have simply pacified me for the moment?” He wanted me to lie, for his sake. I attempt to open my mouth, to defend my words but Marquis prattled on. “Why is it that between Dante and I, there seems to be an unfair advantage?”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“With mother, he was always the favored one. Zachariah, Moselle and even down to you,” Moselle was a nurse that Zachariah had gotten the boys when they were little, after their parents were brutally murdered.

“Again, you have lost me.”

“You haven’t explored that side of me, something that will clearly have such an effect on my character. Furthermore,” and he paused.

“Furthermore what?” I ask wanting Marquis to open up.

I look at Dante, trying to find the answers in his gaze, and he says. “This is the mood Marquis has been in after you finished Velicious Part Two. Which is why I told you that he declined.”

Marquis retorts bothered, “Forget it. We should continue this interview in the living room,” and with that, he briskly leaves the kitchen. Dante and I both exchange another set of glances and Dante shrugs and sighs. He follows his twin and I follow behind Dante.

Reaching the living room, Dante takes a seat beside his brother who is leaning back in the leather sofa with one leg crossed over the other and a hand resting on his thigh.

I take a seat in a sofa opposite the twins.

Marquis says. “Please ignore my outburst, I hope that I haven’t ruined this evening.”

He said that Dante is the favored one, and those words are on replay in my mind.

I shake my head and answer, “No, not at all Marquis.”

“Feel free to continue with your interview,”

Glancing at my phone, I notice the time and the word count. I have exceeded my goal and wasn’t too sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. Scrolling down the questions, I want to find lighthearted questions, to lighten the mood. I cease with the tapping and I glance up at the twins.

Looking between both boys, I say. “I had received an email from a reader wanting to know which one of you were older,”

Marquis answers, “Would the reader’s be shocked if they found out that Dante was older?”

Dante explains further, “I was born on April 18th.”

Marquis adds, “April 21st.”

“Which also explains why you two are so different. Night and day. Dante, you’re an Aries, and Marquis, a Taurus.” I’m such a heavy believer in astrology. Despite that, I manage to balance real life out as well. I don’t think everything revolves around when someone was born, but I can’t help to acknowledge certain personalities traits that are undeniable within certain signs.

Focusing my attention on Marquis, I know I want to wrap this interview up.

I warn him, “I want to get personal with you.” Marquis waves his hand at me to continue, and I was grateful he kept his sarcastic comments at bay. “In Vampyre Doll in chapter six, you were upset when one of the sister’s refused to go on a date with you. It was the oldest Svensson sister, Nolana.” Pronounced NO- LAH- NA. He nods his head with acknowledgment, and I continue. “In Velicious Part Two, after GAC and Andrea, Nolana is with you in your mansion. You and Nolana disappear to wash your hands of the blood. A curious reader wants more insight into your relationship with her,”

Marquis doesn’t answer for a while. He simply studies me, formulating his words and I begin to get nervous. Dante is the one to answer, “Why would you bring her up?” he snaps at me.

Ignoring Dante, I look at his twin. “Marquis, if you don’t want to discuss Nolana with the reader’s it’s okay.”

“It’s fine,” Marquis finally answers, eyes averting my own. “There isn’t much to discuss. I first met Nolana in 1710. I began courting her a few centuries later. Then in 1818, my twin and I disappeared. We didn’t keep in contact with Zachariah, the councils, or the Svensson sisters. Back in 2007, we moved to Canada, and we reconnected with Nolana and her sisters when we realized that they were also living in the same area. However, Nolana was upset with my disappearance and wouldn’t forgive me. Does the answer pacify the reader?”

“If she reads this, she’ll let you know,” I answer. “However, you have to admit that answer was pretty vague,”

“Vague?” Marquis repeats, brows furrowing. “Would the reader like to gut me to get an answer that would appease her?”

I shake my head with his extremes and seeing Dante’s personality shining through puts a small, barely there smile across my lips. “No, okay, my daughters will be waking up from their nap soon, therefore we have to continue this interview another time.”

“Understandable. Next time, I will make sure to greet you upon your arrival.”

“I don’t want to leave on this bad note,”

“There is nothing wrong with us,” Marquis assures. “How could there ever be?”

Just then Camilla comes into the room and informs Dante that Justice is on the phone. Dante gets up from his seat and walks over to Camilla. Upon taking the call and walking down the hall, I hear him murmuring something about his cell phone was on silent. Dante isn’t a huge fan of electronics, but he loves his reality shows.

Marquis decides to tell me that Justice is out buying some stuff for her trip to France. She’s getting ready for Velicious Part Three. Standing up, I know I need to leave.

Marquis stands up as well, and I tell him. “It’s one story at a time. You are not forgotten or less favored, there’s only so much that I can put in a novel. When I get to your story, trust me, you will hate me at first, but I’m confident that you will love me again.” and I grin, showing him that I genuinely plan on writing him an awesome story.

Marquis doesn’t say anything as he studies me, and I want to know what he’s thinking. He says after a prolonged heartbeat, “Ms. Lize, I will meet you soon in the brainstorming mansion,”

“I’ll be waiting with my glass of wine.”

Dante returns, “Justice says ‘Hi’, and she hopes you will be kind to her sanity in the third installment.”

“The reader’s want more angst, so that is what I have to deliver,” I tell him in an apologetic tone.

Heeding my words, he says. “I’ll tell her that you said, to enjoy the ride.”

“Everything will be okay,” I promise. “However, I do need to leave. When I get more questions and more time, we will set up another date.”

Marquis says to the readers, “If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.”

Dante grins devilishly, “I think a novella surrounding Visque would be awesome, who wants to star in the first installment?”

Rolling my eyes, I inform. “You mean a purely erotic novella, surrounding vampyre’s?”

Dante growls, “You haven’t been listening to a word. Obviously, it won’t be just about sex, there needs to be attachment, and interaction with the reader’s,”

I shake my head, “No, it’s been done.”

Marquis says, “He just wants to fuck a few reader’s,”

Dante replies with a wicked grin, “I never said to make me the star.”

I add, “Oh, but if I made you the star, you would decline?”

Dante thinks about his response, and Marquis says. “I rest my case,”

Dante quickly jumps in, “I would.” And I know why and for whom, he would give up such an opportunity. Although Dante’s morals may have been heavily knotted, and his sense of right and wrong are mingled into a chaotic messy disaster. By the end of Velicious Part Two, things have changed dramatically for my vampyre. Dante isn’t one to wear his heart on his shoulder, but he can’t hide his true feelings from me.

“Decline?” Marquis asks suspiciously, and Dante nods his head. “Why?” Nor can he hide his true feelings from his twin.

Dante shrugs his broad shoulders and begins to walk backward, leaving the living room. To get that answer out of Dante will be like pulling teeth. And even after that, I still believe there is only one lady who will ever hear those words of confession.

Marquis charges after him, “All you have to do is say it and I will leave you alone.”

Dante shouts down the hall, still walking backward. “Until next time, Ms. Lize and reader’s.” He gives me a salute. and I can’t help the laugh that bubbles out of me.

Marquis turns to face me with a boyish smile, “Adiós.” Which means ‘Goodbye’ in Spanish.

I wave goodbye to my vampyre twins and soon they fade away.

Mental note, less intense questions.

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