Dante mentally commanded the girl to sit beside me and I shuffled over to make room for her. “On the contrary. Soft voluptuous bosoms, supple lips, and delicate skin. Plus, the frightening female screams make the feed more entertaining, and that I miss.” He sighed, reminiscing.

Gravely, my attention was cast upon Dante. “Shall I remind you of the promise?”

“I have done no wrong,” he sneered, gazing at the human. His gaze was full of an unquenched appetite, a hunger with no purpose.

I echoed his words. “No, wrong. You dropped a human out of a sorority window with witnesses around.”

I studied my twin, trying to read him. What was he thinking? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Dante’s head for a day, to understand the reasoning behind his erratic actions.


Series: Velicious Part One
Characters: Dante Delgado

“His gaze was full of an unquenched appetite, a hunger with no purpose”



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