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Exactly what’s stated above, you will get glimpses into my upcoming novels.

Beauty & The Vampyre


Chapter 9


France 1818


The sun was setting and above me was an assorted colorful strokes of purple, pinks, oranges and yellow; all carefully placed to bid farewell to the burning ball of fire up yonder. I stare at the huge, luminous apricot sphere, descending and a sense of placidity caressed my face and body. I took in the mise en scène before me, breathing in and out easily as a soft cry whispered from behind me and I cocked my head to the side, gazing at the human.

I said, “Isn’t this such a glorious inception to the twilight that will follow?”

Two female humans huddled together, beside a carriage not attached to any horse. It was on an angle and the long wooden bridge, that they attached to the horse to pull, was up in the air. I knew that they would be my target because they lived far in the country, miles and miles away from civilization. Too far for anyone to notice or for anyone to hear.

They both didn’t answer me, the humans only let out another whimper of a sound, and turned their teary faces away from my own. Disgruntled, I dropped the bloody spleen in my hands and with a grunt, I narrowed my eyes on them. “I don’t understand why you two are being boorish? It’s beautiful tonight and you ladies are being selfish.” When neither of them replied, I sighed. “I’ll just be on my way, but not before gathering my parting gift.” I walk back into their home and passed the bloody body of one of their husbands laying face down. A pool of blood had now formed under his face, and I walked straight through this shack they called a home and found a little girl huddled in a corner.

She was my liberation.

When the girl heard my footsteps she looked up, with teary eyes and saw that it was me, she said in french. “Please, don’t hurt me.”

I stared at the child, knowing my every intent, my ill purpose and told her in the language she understood. “It is not I, who will hurt you.”

Not allowing anything more to be said between us, I gazed into her eyes, deep into her innocent pupils and captured her soul. I had her within my grasp and when her shoulders relaxed and eyes glazed over, I bent down and picked up the human child in my arms.

Just as I turned to leave, the two women were behind me, but only one was holding up a long firearm and she had it aimed at me, or more importantly my face. She had already inserted the gun powder and the woman said, “Release my child!”

In the seconds that were precious, I promptly tilted my head to the right and then there was a loud sound that erupted followed by a gust of smoke. I felt a searing blast hit the side of my head and felt a raging heat burning the left side of my face. However, I did not move or flinch. Not yet, I let it settle, I let the echo sounds of the pistol recede into the air and allowed the smoke to wane as the two women held their breath in anticipation. I’m sure they assumed that I would have gone falling backward to my grave end, dropping the child and freeing them of my presence but, that didn’t happen.

Finally, when the silence was drawn out long enough, I flinched, with an unhappy groan and fixed my glare on the woman who shot me. Seeing that I was still standing, she broke down even more. More tears than when I killed that man face down in a puddle of his own blood. More tears from when I dragged the two ladies outside to see the magnificent sunset.

Without saying a word, I proceed on the human with the pistol and using my free hand, I snap the woman’s neck. The other woman, falls to her knees and holds up her cross necklace. She begin’s praying to her God.

I said, “It should be in your best interest to pray to me, then to a God who cannot and will not, save you at this very moment.”

Then I held her eyes, held her to my will and when she stopped praying, with her head tilted up at me with tears streaming down her face, I told the woman to fill up the pistol with gun powder and shoot herself in the head. The human got up from her knees and I walked out of the home. Back outside the sunset was practically gone, with purple and blue skies lingering and then I heard the resounding sound, and I smelled more blood.

I started to whistle and walked back home, to give my gift to release to me from the union of Marriage.

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Velicious Part One: Chapter Four


“Nothing of importance. She’s still alive,” Chalice added.



The End


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