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The below scenes have all been deleted from the final version of the Velicious Series. I will add them as I go through them on my computer.

Deleted Scene: Esor

Book: Velicious Part One

Series: Velicious Series

Place: After Chapter 5

Word Count: 1148

Characters: Justice LaBelle

Some Info: This chapter was where I had first introduced Zachariah, but I took the scene out since it wasn’t doing anything much for the story line.

On the very last weekend of winter vacation, I was closing up my mother’s dance studio and deciding that I didn’t want to go back home just yet, I walked across the street to a lounge called Esor. It was Saturday tonight and every Saturday, they had live jazz artists come in and play.

Upon entering the dim-lit lounge, I found a seat far to the back and as per usual, on stage was a performer. Tonight it was a woman in a black dress and the band behind her was playing in perfect trancing harmony.

Cindy, the waitress, came around. “Hey there, sexy. Long time no see.”

“Life’s been real busy,” I murmured.

“I know what you’re saying, and it’s not like winter has been giving us a break either.”

“I don’t acknowledge winter.”

Cindy smiled. “Gotcha. So the usual?”

I smiled back. “Usual, please.”

“One almond latte and cheese croissant on the side.” She walked off with my order, and I sat back in the booth listening to the woman singing up front.


Deleted Scene: Return Of GAC

Portrait of cheerful biker standing in a leather jacket. He is touching his hat and keeping hand in a pocket. The man is looking forward with desire. Isolated

Story: Velicious Part One

Place: Before Chapter 16

Word Count: 6554

Characters: Calvin King

Some Info: This chapter takes place just before Justice goes on her date with Chace, or otherwise Mathias. Calvin is out having a good night with his friends, but him and another one of his team mates, uncover that The Guardian Angels Corporation, is illegally handling the Taiyou Bullets.

*If you haven’t read Velicious Part One, everything here may just confuse you.*

I DON’T KNOW how Kyle had done it, but he managed to pull the gang together for one night of fun, and I think after everything, it was well deserved. Especially since Jessica and I had our hands full trying to track down K-17. Everything could have been smooth sailing, but then it bit Erin.

Erin, a girl from my childhood.

A girl I knew from high school.

My biggest fucking regret is that out of anyone it could have bitten, it happened to grab someone from my past.

My fucking luck is shit.

Nevertheless, if only Kyle, Jessica, and myself knew what abilities K-17 possessed—like screeching at such high frequency or shattering every piece of glass in close proximity—maybe we could’ve taken some steps. You know, like wearing fucking earplugs. But nope, Andrea withheld that information from us—I don’t understand why—and K-17 escaped. Now, she’s putting the pressure on us, like it’s our fault K-17 roamed the streets of Toronto. Obviously, I know that it’s because she’s mostly likely getting it from her higher-ups, but I was tricked into taking on this assignment. If only I could resign, but things don’t work like that within Cerberus.