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This prequel novel will take place in the 1800’s, and it will be slightly darker than the first two installments.

Beauty & The Vampyre is where the story began. It’s where I first met Dante and Marquis. It’s where I found the mysterious and intriguing story of Justice and Dante. The readers will get a glimpse into the growing connection between Justice and Dante and what they meant to each other a long time ago. If they meant anything at all.


This will be the final installment to my Velicious Series, surrounding Justice and Dante but not the end to my paranormal world and characters.

More secrets are revealed, whether for the better or worse. Justice and Dante are forced to acknowledge the darkest parts of themselves while dealing with many new friends and foe’s. Who can they trust? Vampyre’s and Lycan’s alike all seem like they have an ulterior motive. Deadly enemies seem to think that Justice is the answer to their conquest. Those who they considered friends and family want the drama to be over and done with, but to end it, would mean a certain fate for Justice LaBelle.


This novel is for a box set.

This novel will be set in the Velicious World, and it will follow Jessica and Calvin.

SELENE: An Unconventional Love Story

This Novel is for a Box Set

Selene a moon Goddess falls for a human king, Endiymon.