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Beauty & The Vampyre

unedited  Chapter 9 Dante France 1818   The sun was setting and above me was an assorted colorful strokes of purple, pinks,

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Character Interview #1: Dante Delgado

This character interview was shared with my friends on my newsletter. To your left, you will find one of my many inspirations for

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Deleted Scene: Esor

Book: Velicious Part One Series: Velicious Series Place: After Chapter 5 Word Count: 1148 Characters: Justice LaBelle Some Info: This chapter was where I

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{Velicious} WPBK001

Dante mentally commanded the girl to sit beside me and I shuffled over to make room for her. “On the

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Deleted Scene: Return Of GAC

Story: Velicious Part One Place: Before Chapter 16 Word Count: 6554 Characters: Calvin King Some Info: This chapter takes place

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{Velicious} SPBK 001

DESCRIPTION Series: Velicious Part One Characters: Calvin King The quote says: “I will fight to the end to keep you safe.”

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